Brand Culture

The Revelation of "Yue Yuan Fang":

"Yue" represents joy and happiness;  

"Yuan" embodies smoothness and harmony;

"Fang" depicts stability and standards.

There is an old saying in the service industry that a delighted guest may earn the company 10 new customers.

To realize it, one must learn to grasp the essence of genuine hospitality.  In fact, it really boils down to the capability of our team to make customers truly appreciate the services that are rendered while enjoying our high quality facilities.  For us to achieve such a seemingly simple task, we must all work together to uphold our company culture – serving with a mind of steadiness and harmony.

Our company culture sets the basis of the attitude with which we embrace in life as well as at work. What it means is that we must remain steadfast but not being obtrusive in managing customer relationship; and be prepared to accommodate the others without resorting to sidestep our established standards. To make these two otherwise polarized attributes work in perfect harness, our team members are required to exhibit a measured degree of flexibility. Only with this unique catalyst of flexibility will we bring about a winning formula for the company business as well as success to our own professional career.

     Ip Hon Ming
General Manager

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